I currently have instructional videos available in both traditional watercolor and watercolor batik on youtube.com.

My youtube.com channel is Magalia Rose Studio

This painting, "La Sorciere" was completed in October.  A watercolor batik on Ginwashi which gives it quite a bit of texture.  Although tempted, I did not use black India ink on the cape, but instead used very concentrated Payne's Gray.  

Magalia Rose Studio-Kathleen Presentati

What's Up!

This Watercolor batik was just completed this week.  I was experimenting with a rather interesting Japanese paper, Unryu.  Rather fragile when wet. it worked perfectly with watercolor in my goal of creating a rather impressionistic effect.

This week I also completed a watercolor batik titled "Stargazer".  A somewhat fanciful painting in which I hoped to convey a sense of wonderment in the pose and expression of the lion.  This was an extremely fun creation.