I now have online demonstration videos on Youtube.com that will allow my students and others interested in painting with watercolor to follow along with step-by-step instructional videos. 

My channel is Magalia Rose Studio...check it out!

Watercolor Exploration I
Beginning and Intermediate students will find this class informative and fun.  Supplies can be loaned to beginning artists until able to provide their own brushes, paints, etc.  Original art work will be encouraged and in addition, templates and handouts will be provided for many class paintings along with guided demonstrations by the instructor.


In the private collection of Kathleen Dysert


Magalia Rose Studio-Kathleen Presentati

A new step-by-step watercolor batik video is now available on YouTube.  The painting is titled 'Elephant Trio' and although reddish-orange elephants might seem odd...they really are sometimes that color because of rolling in dust and mud to protect their skin from insects and the sun.

A step-by-step informational video showing my steps in creating a watercolor batik is available on my You Tube channel Magalia Rose Studio.

Watercolor Exploration II
Intermediate through advanced artists  are encouraged to create their own compositions in this class.  Students will need to have all necessary supplies and some knowledge and experience in using basic watercolor techniques.

Resource materials from books and magazines will be provided.  Class members will receive  assignments and are expected to complete some work, such as a basic compositions and/or value studies independently.

There will be group and instructor evaluations

Check the website at paradise-art-center.com for up to date information regarding classes, exhibits, date & times.


Hello, my name is Kathleen Presentati and I  teach Watercolor Exploration I & II classes at the Paradise Art Center on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9-12.  The cost of each six week session is $50.00 for art center members and $60.00 for non-members.  The art center requires a lab fee of $2.00 for members of PAC and $5.00 for non-members per class.

My wax resist watercolor batik painting "Looking for Tomorrow" was awarded an Honorable Mention at the "Art of Perseverance-2020" Exhibition.

There will be a virtual gallery tour link posted soon!


I would also like to invite you to visit the Paradise Art Center

5564 Almond Street

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(530) 877-7402

website: paradise-art-center.com

Located in Magalia, California...specializing in watercolor, watercolor batik and transparent acrylic works of imagination